Site Option C - Upper Missing Middle 8+ Unit Building(s)

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This site is in a small-sized city within a downtown mixed-use district. The adjacent structures include an eclectic mix of commercial and residential uses, with the houses typically one- and two-story structures. The site represents an area one block beyond the downtown core of a small town along the same street. The design solutions should consider transitioning from the core of a downtown into primarily residential areas. The intent is to show how medium density housing (T4/T5) can be appropriately integrated into this context.

Site Context: Upper T4, Lower T5.

Build-to-Line: Must establish a Build-to-Line in accordance with New Urbanism Principles as appropriate for Transect Zones T4/T5.

Building Height: Min 3 stories Max 5 stories.

Building Circulation: Can include interior corridors, but the length of corridors should be minimized.

Building Entries: Should be oriented toward a street or shared space, not toward a driveway.

Building Types: Non-single family (multiple units on site or within building). Options for this site might include:

o Live/Work Units

o Stacked Units (also known as Stacked Flats)

o Vertical Mixed-Use Buildings

o Courtyard Apartments (also known as U-Court)

o Mid-Rise Apartments (also known as Mansion).

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