Prizes and Recognition

The intent of the competition is to award a cash prize to the winning entry for each one of the three potential sites. The top 1st place winning entry across all three sites, as determined by the jury, will receive the top cash prize of $10,000.00.

Additional cash prizes will be awarded by the jury not to exceed $5,000.00 each. However, the final decision regarding the number and cash amount of additional awards is left wholly to the discretion of the jury panel and may or may not include a winner for each one of the three potential sites. Honorable Mention awards may also be given at the discretion of the jury but do not carry a cash prize award. The total prize money pool available for all prizes to be awarded in the competition is $20,000.00.

The competition’s winning entries and designers to receive broad public exposure in Michigan and they will be recognized and celebrated at one or more significant industry events in 2015, dates and locations to be determined. It is currently planned that the winning awards program/symposium will take place in late-June 2015.

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