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APAC Fund Raising and Political Contributions

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There are two components to political donations relative to the Government Affairs Committee (GAC) activities: acquiring donations and then making contributions with those funds. AIAMI dues cannot be used for political purposes. Contributions are strictly drawn from the APAC funds, so continued donations by the membership must be sought routinely. The GAC relies heavily on the Board of Directors for fund raising on behalf of the APAC, and also on its Legislative Day events.  As the legislative challenges evolve, and the skill of rival forces improve, both maintaining (if not increasing) APAC funding levels and sharpening the focus of our targeted contributions must occur if AIAMI expects to continue to be successful in the legislative arena.

The carefully-studied distribution of APAC funds is a critical component of GAC’s strategy for continued success in the legislative arena, and there is no equivalent substitute for it.  As usual, planning in connection with political contributions for this coming year is already underway, in consultation with the Lobbyist. To be successful, the contribution strategy must be statewide in scope and non-partisan in nature. The strategy must both recognize the current political reality and also anticipate the future. GAC could not develop an intelligent contribution strategy without professional advice from the Lobbyist.

While at times APAC monetary contributions alone can be an effective measure in building a relationship, the importance of constituents and AIAMI leadership attending a fundraiser in person and meeting the legislator cannot be overstated. Connections developed in this manner proved immensely valuable in the past and the same should be true in the future. APAC contributions were made to a long list of legislators, based on the advice and counsel of Kelley-Cawthorne. Beginning in 2012 the approval for political contributions was made by a new and separate Steering Committee which is governed by the APAC Board of Directors. 

APAC Board Members

Paul A. Haselhuhn, AIA, LEED AP BD&C, Chair


Ron Campbell, AIA

Steve Smith, AIA

LeRoy J. Stevens, AIA, NCARB

APAC Steering Committee

Kevin Shultis, AIA, LEED AP, Chair

Daniel Whisler, AIA, LEED AP BD&C, Treasurer

Will Wittig, AIA

Other Key Individuals/Advisors

Dennis M. King, FAIA, FESD, LEED AP

Jean Kordenbrock, Esq., APAC Consultant

Cathy Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI, AIAMI Executive Director

Wendy Perez Young, Manager (National level), Political Action Committee & Compliance

Melissa Yutzey, AIAMI Lobbyist

2016 APAC Contributors
Thank you!

Sue Allor

John Bizon

Charles T. Bultman AIA

Julie Calley

Ronald R. Campbell AIA

Randy L. Case AIA, LEED AP BC+C

John J. Castellana FAIA

Lee Chatfield

Ian Conyers

Jan Culbertson AIA

Philip M. Davis AIA

Daniel L. Durkee AIA

Jill Ellison

Damian Farrell FAIA

Zachary Funk

Tim Greimel

Matt Guinta AIA

Norman Hamann AIA, LEEP AP

Paul A. Haselhuhn AIA

Shane Hernandez

Kevin Hertel

Robert A. Hoida AIA

Pamela Hornberger

Robert Howey

Eric Hugger AIA

George Kacan

Klint Kesto

Dennis M King FAIA

Christopher M. Kretovic AIA

Douglas Kueffner AIA

Dan La Pan AIA

Beau LaFave

Kim LaSata

Donna Lasinski

Tom Leonard

Charles Lewis AIA

David Lieber RN

Michael A. Neville AIA

Terri-Lynn Newman

Kristen Nyht AIA, AICP, LEED AP

Joseph Odoerfer AIA

Christopher Ozog AIA

Theodore Pappas AIA, LEED AP BC+C

Dan Pierce

Cindy Pozolo FAIA

William Quinlan AIAE

Larry E. Ramseyer AIA

Daire Rendon

Kathryn M. Roy

Sylvia Santana

Victor A. Saroki FAIA

Randy Seiss Associate AIA

Jason Sheppard

Stephen Smith AIA

Tim Sneller

Bill Sowerby

LeRoy Stevens AIA

Crystal A. Tocco Assoc. AIA

Bob Tower AIA

Daniel N. Tyrer AIA

Anna Van Hyfte Assoc. AIA

Rob VerHeulen

Steve Vogel FAIA

William Wittig AIA

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